How RTOs miss an opportunity with Backlink building

How RTOs miss an opportunity with Backlink building

Everyone has their theories on how to be found by Google in search engines, and how to increase your website rankings. So let me tell you mine. Google needs to find ways to rank one website above another in search results. Whilst there are many considerations to do this one of the most commonly agreed and supported methods Google use is to to see how many other website link to your website. This is called a Backlink.  

If you have a website, and you want to show up on the front pages of Google you need to have some quality backlinks to your website. A backlink is when one website (posts your website address) links onto their website. This tells Google, and the users, that your website page has some value to people who are searching online

Backlinks are just one type of link that Google use to identify if your website is worth showing to more people. The other type of links are External Links and Internal Links- we will cover those at a later time.

Now a lot of business' are aware that Backlinks are important, and should have an ongoing strategy in place to facilitate this. However when they find back links available, they do not capitalise on the opportunity. You see they create the back link and they send the link straight to their home page. Sure they have a backlink however this is only doing half the job. What it does tell Google is this page maybe relevant to the link- however usually on a website home page the content is not about the training course or training service - rather it is about the business.

OK so you want to promote a particular course, by creating a backlink to the course page you are helping out your potential student, by giving them exactly what they want. And isnt that What Googles search algorithm is based around- giving the best answer to the search query...

When you have the opportunity to create and build links, my suggestion is to not ignore the inner pages of your website. Spread your back links through your website pages. This will tell Google that your inner pages of your website are just as credible and trustworthy as your home page, and as a result these pages deserve an increase in Google ranking as well. 

If you have any questions regarding building backlinks or the value of backlinks to your business leave a comment below


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